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General Contracting. Construction Management. Design. Carpentry. Ventura CA

Arbor Construction

Management & Contracting services since 2014. 

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Let us help create the space that make you dreams come true. 

Listening to you needs, offering creative suggestions, and working through multiple design until it feels 'right' is our method of success in the design process.  

Once we have the design selected, we'll work with an engineer to create blueprints that take cost and our impact on the planet into consideration.


Arbor Construction specializes in helping take clients dreams, and turning them into interior layouts and designs ready to be built.  We are familiar with many different building techniques including: 

  • Timber Framing
  • Metal Stud Framing 
  • Concrete Form Work
  • Natural Building 
  • Reclaimed Wood Cladding/Sourcing 
  • Design & Construction of other Unconventional Structures   


Preferred Materials:

Reclaimed/FSC Certified Wood- As responsibly sourced wood gains in popularity, recycled materials and FSC certified products are becoming easier to find if you know where to look! 

Reclaimed Industrial Metal Hardware- Embodying the resilience of human ingenuity, while adding contrast to natural materials, industrial metals can add elegance and modern accents to the project. Possible uses include: door hardware, structural beams & posts, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and table bases.  

Distressed Sheet Metal/ Old Tin Roofing- Uses can include siding, counter-tops and accent strips for interior furnishing, and the patina of aged metal only get better with age.

Stone- Symbolizing permanence while flaunting natural beauty, stone can be the perfect contrast to metal, wood and glass. Applications include tiling and Interior details, garden walls, landscape accents, and fireplace mantels.  

Urbanite- Broken concrete that is perfect to use as patio flag stone, or blocks to make retaining walls. Usually found for free on, or through demolition companies.

Cobb- A mixture of sand, clay and straw. When mixed properly it can last thousands of years, and it a wonderful material to use as a thermal mass.

Pallets- Pallets come in a range of sizes and can be taken apart and used as individual pieces of wood, or can be fastened together for non-structural assemblies.