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Tiny House made entirely of reclaimed materials.


Small, Elegant and Simple

The emphasis is to create structures that are low impact, built using natural and repurposed materials.


 Arbor Construction, Tiny House Contractor of Ventura has experience with designing 'tiny house' concepts and has particular interest in these building projects.  We have found that with smaller 'tiny house' spaces there is personality that comes alive with each project. 



Please browse our portfolio of work, to get ideas. If anything looks appealing, please contact us and set up an appointment for help with designing the space, figuring which materials will be best to use, and how to get the most out of a tiny space.



Unconventional Materials to Consider:


Urbanite- Broken concrete that is perfect to use as patio flag stone, or blocks to make retaining walls. Usually found for free on, or through demolition companies.


Bamboo- Garden trellises, fences, and privacy screens are all perfect applications for bamboo.


Cobb- A mixture of sand, clay and straw. When mixed properly it can last thousands of years, and it a wonderful material to use as a thermal mass.


Distressed Sheet Metal/ Old Tin Roofing- It can be used as siding, counter-tops and accent strips for interior furnishing.


Pallets- Pallets come in a range of sizes and can be taken apart and used as individual pieces of wood, or can be fastened together for non-structural assemblies.


Strategies to Consider:


Design with a specific goal- Pick a specific goal for your design. Maybe build entirely out of free materials, or maybe try to make it completely 'off the grid', try to make it modular or make the exterior blend so well with the surrounds that no one will know it's there unless you tell them. 


Plan your project- The more detailed your plan for your project, the easier it will be during the construction phase of the project. You'll be able to see your path to completing the project and have an idea of how long, and how much it will cost.


Don't be scared to work- Don't fall into the mis-nomer that it'll be quick or easy. Most projects that turn out well are due to people's realistic approarch to how much money or how much time it will take. When you start think of time, cost and quality as three variables, and pick out two as priorities. Keep those in mind as you move through the project.


Hire a Professional: Contact me for a free estimate and consultation. Tiny House Contractor of Ventura




Interior of a tiny house. Cardboard, plexiglass, cobb and maple flooring are all reclaimed
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